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Plasmanex1® - Daiwa Health Development, Inc.
Plasmanex1® - Daiwa Health Development, Inc.
Plasmanex1® - Daiwa Health Development, Inc.
Plasmanex1® - Daiwa Health Development, Inc.



◉ Support healthy blood circulation*
◉Reduce the cold and numbing in extremities, especially important in winter months
◉Maintain normal blood circulation by sustaining a balance between blood clot formation and blood clot dissolution*
◉Lesson blood clot complications caused by unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged travel, and occupations requiring standing for long periods of time*
◉Promote optimal heart health*

I had a blood clot on my right lung, used this for 2 1/2 months and it was 100% gone, don't take Warfarin it will kill you, Plasmanex 1 is all natural and 100% safe, starting to take it again to keep healthy.

William - Verified Buyer

Phyllis Schockner - Verified Buyer

The Best Blood Circulation Supplement

The active ingredient in Plasmanex 1 ® is Bacillopeptidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB). BFPB is an innovative blend of natural ingredients. The complex contains Bacillopeptidase F, a natural soy peptide enzyme extracted by using a patented fermentation process, (Patent No JP3532503). The enzyme is isolated from natto to form a unique molecule shown in scientific research to support healthy blood circulation.*

Supports normal coagulation

Reduce the code and numbing extremeties 

Helps maintain healthy plasmin levels for normal blood circulation

Lessen unhealthy blood flow complications

Enhance Your Life's Moments 


of users report that Plasmanex 1 improves blood circulation in the legs.


of users observe that Plasmanex 1 helps to relieve leg and arm discomfort to a great extent when standing still for a long time.


of users notice that Plasmanex 1 improves neck stiffness and clots with regular use.

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We love Plasmanex1 and we're sure you will too! That's why we're offering a 60-Day, Risk-Free Trial. If you don't fall in love with it, we'll refund your money.

Maintain cholesterol level

Hormone support

No aftertaste

Help body store energy

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