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Prioritize A Healthy Immune System

Prioritize A Healthy Immune System

by Fred Pescatore, MD, MPH

I rarely get excited anymore over a “new” nutritional supplement.  Let’s face it, there are more and more of them every day.  But what does get me excited is when a nutritional supplement has research and science to back up what it says it does. 

PeakImmune4® has not one but over 75 trials to back it up.  As a preventive medicine doctor, I am a huge fan of preventing illness before it happens.  One of the best places to start in that journey is to take the best care of your immune system - whether there is a pandemic going around or not.

Our immune system protects us from whatever comes our way - be it the common cold all the way to cancer and everything in between; therefore, you need to make your immune system a number one priority.

One of the ways I do that is by recommending PeakImmune4® to my patients, friends, neighbors - heck - anyone who will listen to me, because it does have scientifically proven results. 

So, let’s get scientific for a bit.

PeakImmune4® would be considered an immunomodulator - which means it has the ability to induce, boost or restore the body’s natural defense capability - in a non-chemical way.  This methodology is what all the fuss is about in modern medicine with the new classes of drugs called immunotherapy.  

Modulating the immune system is important because our bodies are in constant flux to keep itself at a fairly consistent small range or body temperature, blood pressure so we can properly cope with changes in the environment inside and outside the body. This mechanism is called homeostasis.

For homeostasis to occur, the immune system plays an important role: it eliminates foreign substances such as pathogens, viruses, and cancer cells.   But our immune systems start to slow down and deteriorate as we age; and by how we live. 

Poor diet, pollution, toxic chemicals in our food and water supply, smoking, lack of sleep all contribute to a weakened immune system. 

The immune system can go two ways, mind you. It can deteriorate and cause or aggravate infections and cancer; or it can go into over drive and cause auto-immune illnesses like thyroid disease, and lupus; hay fever, atopic dermatitis or chronic inflammation.  And we all know how inflammation is probably at the root cause of everything that ails us.

Now, here is where PeakImmune4® comes into play.  It is a polysaccharide made up of β1,3-glucan and activated hemicellulose. This product is obtained from rice bran treated enzymatically with a Shiitake mushroom extract and termed, rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC).

Since there are so many studies available on this compound, let me summarize for you: it can help to increase your body’s natural killer cells (the ones that hunt for the naughty invaders); has been shown to improve quality of life in cancer patients; aids in the normalization of cardio-metabolic inflammatory markers; supports the body’s production of cytokines, interferons and interleukins (all critical parts of the immune system); and all without any harmful side effects, used in over 50 countries and a functional food closely related to ancient Japanese food.

There is a reason so many Japanese healing traditions have stuck around.  They just work – PeakImmune4® is no exception.

With so many people with pre-existing conditions to their health, and not just because of this pandemic, PeakImmune4® is a great way to stay in front of illness rather than get knocked out by it.

Take care of your immune system and it will take care of you.

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