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$125.79 $41.93

A Rice Bran & Mushroom Enzyme product* Made by a Unique, Patented Natural Process* Purified Water Extract of Rice Bran combined with a special Shiitake Mushroom Enzyme* Result is Rice...

Daiwa Brain Health®

$89.89 $44.90

All natural, patented compound derived from Hokkaido Scallop oil plasmalogens Effective in improving memory, cognitive function, concentration and age-related deterioration* Decreases oxidative stress and suppresses neuroinflammation* Improves short-term memory, learning...

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PeakImmune4® Ultra 500mg

$216.00 $72.00

Get your immune system up and running with PeakImmune4. With no harmful side effects, this product is excellent if you are worried about safety to the immune system due to...


$125.70 $41.90

Plasmanex 1 ®: The active ingredient in Plasmanex 1 ® is Bacillopeptidase F Proprietary Blend (BFPB). BFPB is an innovative blend of natural ingredients. The complex contains Bacillopeptidase F, a...

Daiwa Joint Health

$47.70 $15.90

Daiwa Joint HealthGuiding your joints to happiness. With Daiwa Joint Health, you can achieve optimal joint health. It contains a proprietary complex derived from two trusted botanicals- one shown to...


$89.70 $29.90

Daiwa Krill Oil is an all-natural, super antioxidant made up of pure oil derived from Antarctic krill. With its Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), phospholipids and antioxidants, Daiwa Krill...

Inflammation Support Bundle

$89.80 $85.31

PLASMANEX1 Daiwa's proprietary blend, Plasmanex1 supports healthy blood circulation.  As a blood circulation supplement, Plasmanex1 has various health benefits, including less pain, provides more functionality, and promotes overall heart health. Daiwa's...

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